• Packaging: Packed in 13 kg boxes
    Container with 20 pallets and a total of 1,440 boxes
    Brand in boxes: GENERIC
  • Sizes: 200-250 gr
    140-200 gr
    100-140 gr
  • Category: I
  • Temperature: 12°
  • Humidity: 70%
  • Ventilation: 30 cubic metres per hour
  • Season: September - January
  • Tariff Heading Peru: 0910100000


Ginger is a hand-shaped articulated tuber, known as rhizomes. GINGER is appreciated for its strong aromatic odour and sour and spicy taste. The rhizome has an ashen colour on the outside and beige on the inside. It grows in all of the world’s tropical regions and is famous both for its recognised medicinal properties and its use in cooking.

One of the most popular varieties in the market is grown in Peru, in areas of Pichanaki, Satipo, San Martin de Pangoa and Mazamari, in the Junin Region.

GINGER is one of the most popular plants in traditional Chinese medicine, as it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory that helps fight respiratory diseases, arthritis and digestive problems. Due to its spicy taste and strong aroma it is recommended to consume it in moderation and accompanied by other foods.