Red Globe

  • Packaging: 8.2 kg cardboard and plastic boxes, each containing 9 bags with approximately 0.90 kg; each bag contains a 650-700 gram bunch and an additional 250 to 300 grams to fill it completely.
    114 boxes/pallet
    2160 boxes/container
  • Size Range: Jumbo (XXL) : 27mm or more
    Extra Large (XL) : 25mm to 26.9mm
    Large (L) : 23mm to 24.9mm
    Medium (M) : 21mm to 22.9mm
  • Production Area: Piura, Chiclayo, Ica
  • Season Fuerte: October - March
  • Tariff Heading Peru: 0806100000


GRAPES are a fruit obtained from the vine, a plant originally from Asia Minor which grows in warm and tropical climates. Our GRAPES are grown mainly in the regions of Ica, Lima, La Libertad, Piura and Arequipa.

Red Globe GRAPES are characterised by their large bunches and high calibre berries. They have seeds and a sweet and very enjoyable flavour. Once ripe, they present a slightly dark and bright red colouring. The variety’s skin is firm, with a consistent texture. Red Globe is a very popular grape in the fresh market and is widely used in culinary decoration for its great visual appeal due to its colour and size.

Red Globe GRAPES have a very good shelf life, both while still in the plant and in cooling chambers. They are suitable for transportation and present no phytosanitary issues, but are sensitive to fruit overload.